120ML 5 Pack Deal That is only 7.50 per 100ML!!!

IctElixir's 120ml Five Pack Deal

In this special you will get 5ea 120ml bottles filled to the top, with your choice IctElixir Hand Crafted flavor!

Well over 600MLS of Juice because we fill em to the top with your choice IctElixir Hand Crafted flavor!


So what are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a larger bottle deal we have many more deals to fit your needs ->  Juice Deals

 Need empty bottles?

 You can buy individual bottles of each flavor profile!

If you have never had this flavoring from us we do suggest you buy a small bottle or take advantage of our sample pack deal first!

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Retail Price $74.95
IctElixir Everyday Price $44.98
Availability In-Stock

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